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John Young

John Young is a lifelong resident of the mountains near Asheville North Carolina. He took an interest in hunting at about age 12 and began reading and learning everything he could about the outdoors through his early teens. There were few deer in the mountains at that time and he hunted deer seven years before taking his first buck. He never looked back and began traveling the country in pursuit of whitetails several years ago. He is a businessman with his wife Denise, and two children, Brandon and Lorissa. He hunts with his five year old granddaughter Isabelle Coates is his joy and new hunting buddy. We hunt in honor of her father Ryan Coates, who has gone on to Heaven. She loves to hunt and has already taken two deer. We are looking forward to another great season.

Mr. Young has been actively involved in deer management on properties such as Biltmore Estate as well as his own farm. He is a member of the NRA. NWTF, RMEF, and other wildlife conservation organizations.

Randy Buckner

Born and raised in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, Randy realized his love for the outdoors as a very young boy. He spent much of his time exploring the mountains and doing just about everything he could outside, from chasing his hounds, hunting Ginseng, and perusing his love of deer hunting. As an adult not much has changed, Randy is still an avid hunter and loves the outdoors

Randy is a second-generation building contractor, owning and operating a well established construction company, Buckner Construction. He and his wife Sharon, also own and operate Buckner Trailer Sales. Their son Johnathon, discovered that same love for the outdoors and that same passion for hunting that his dad has at a very young age. Brandi, their daughter also loves hunting and the outdoors as well, When Randy is not busy in one of their businesses you will most likely find him in the woods somewhere from North Carolina to the Mid-West, Randy's other hobbies also include playing golf and he and Sharon loves camping.


Kenneth Lancaster, a native of Lake Providence, Louisiana, has an exceptional reputation in the hunting industry. Kenneth's background in archery and his work as a guide, videographer, and hunter, have enhanced his popularity as a devoted outdoorsman.

Kenneth's respect for the great outdoors began as a child, having a father who was a trapper and hunter, and a grandfather who was a commercial fisherman on the Mississippi River. At an early age Kenneth developed a love for archery, shot in 3D tournaments, and worked in a local archery shop.

Kenneth's background includes nine years with Primos Hunting Calls. Kenneth's passion for hunting continues through his work with Michael Waddell's Bone Collector, and with Antler Insanity. Kenneth has hunted elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, moose, woodland caribou, barren ground caribou, black bear, waterfowl, and all species of turkey.



Rebecca Ann Wolfe

Rebecca Ann Wolfe has hunting in her genes. Born to a family of avid hunters and outdoorsmen, she grew up hunting deer and hogs, with her dad and uncles, all across South Florida. And being granddaughter to Hall of Fame Sporting Clays master, Bud Wolfe, Rebecca's a crack shot with nearly any weapon! Nowadays, she travels all over the country hunting big game from antelope and bison to whitetails and alligators. Her greatest pride is now passing on the hunting heritage alongside her husband, to their lovely daughter Alice Ann.

Rebecca is also descended from a beauty queen/swimsuit model grandmother and actress/model mother who inspired her to a successful modeling career of her own which has carried further along in the outdoors industry doing promotions for top companies and working as a recruiter for the National Rifle Association. She has appeared in numerous filmed hunts and commercials all the while operating as co-owner and head guide of B&R Outfitters which hosts the best trophy boar hunting in Florida!

Her appearances and seminars performed at trade shows all across the country have been great hits and she always takes time to sign autographs and pose for a picture or two with her fans. Anyone who knows Rebecca, can tell you she is a delight to be around! As a die-hard Conservative, Christian, outdoors-woman with woodsmanship skills to rival those of any of today's top hunters, Rebecca is an excellent role model for many!

Chris Race grew up in Illinois but moved to Florida to play college basketball. He thought that his hunting opportunities would be diminished, but soon found out that would not be the case with hogs, deer, turkeys and gators on the menu.

Although South Florida is not known for trophy deer, Chris has been blessed to have taken some of the largest deer on record in the area.

Chris has hunted all over North America and has come to realize there are few things he would rather be doing than sitting in a tree stand with a bow. He cherishes the sport of hunting and everything that goes along with it.

Jeremy Atkins is 33 years old and is the owner and founder of Big&J Industries. The only thing more important to him than hunting is the love for his family. Which was taught to him by his Mother Ann Atkins and Father Jerry Atkins. He is married to Michelle Atkins and has 3 beautiful children Aidyn, Emery, and Ellcie. His passion for the outdoors was instilled in him by his father at the age of 3. While Jeremy has had the opportunity to hunt and harvest many different big game species his true passion is Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer.

Do to his passion for deer Jeremy and his good friends started mixing and formulating different minerals and grain products to form what is now known as BB2. What was once just a wild dream in 2009 has now become a growing company in the outdoor industry... Big&J Long Range Attractants.

Tim Redding was born in Rochester, NY. His quest for big racked game led him to the Midwest where he now lives in Mid-Michigan. He is passing his love for the outdoors down to his children Shea (daughter) and Brennen (son).

Tim has hunted all over North America chasing whitetails, exotics, elk, moose, hogs, and gators. Tim is a veteran MLB pitcher and has even pitched over seas in South Korea. He has pitched for the Astros, Padres, Nationals, Mets & Yankees. He is entering his 14th professional season. "Although pitching in front of 30,000+ fans is exhilarating, there is no better rush of adrenalin than the feeling I get when I'm in a tree overlooking big bucks! Pure Insanity"

Jason Burden, Is a lifelong resident of Western Kentucky where he has pursued everything from squirrel to whitetails.

Jason has traveled the country coon hunting and chasing other game. Jason Thanks his "Papaw" for his inspiration and success in the outdoors. Jason is married to Ashley and they have three children, two sons and a daughter, 11, 3 and 2 and their 11 year old already has the Insanity bad.

Jason looks forward to many years in the woods with his family.

Justin Adkisson grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where his love of hunting Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope was also born. He started guiding for his father at the age of 13 years old and has continued ever since. Justin has had the priviedge to guide for the Hill Ranch of Colorado as well as clients in Colorado and Oklahoma, such as Primos, Eastmans, Texas Trophy Hunters, Cameron Hanes, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. In the last 10 years, Justin also has taken his own trophies, including a Bighorn Sheep with his bow which has been the highlight of his hunting career.

Justin and his wife Mary own and operate Western Legacy Outfitters, Inc and reside in Southwest Colorado. They have three beautiful girls, 4 years old and under, who have been practicing their shooting skills preparing for the day they can go hunting with their daddy. Justin also enjoys team roping and high country pack trips.

Travis is A life long resident of the mountains of Western North Carolina where he grew up tagging along his grandfathers coat tail in search of all species of wildlife. It didn't take Travis long to figure out that he had a loving desire to be in the outdoors.

It was at the young age of 14 when Travis began to experiment with video cameras and the filming of hunts with his close friends. Although he does get that heart pounding, chest pumping, body shaking feeling when being the taker of the animal this is not something that leaves him when he steps behind the camera . He has the same amount of enjoyment capturing that special moment for others as he does being the one in that special moment.

He is now 25 years old and a fulltime firefighter of 6 years which he desires his job just as much as he does the outdoors . This being said you might find him in blacked out smoke condictions at a fire , or 25 feet up a tree waiting on that that certain animal to take one more step either way you could say he is Insane .

Born and raised in Western North Carolina, 31 year old Casey Woody is a self-taught hunter that found his true passion at a young age.

Upon graduating NC State with a Fisheries and Wildlife degree in 2005, he began pursuing his dream of chasing trophy whitetails. For the past 9 years, he has worked the early season as a professional hunting guide for Seven J Outfitters in Wyoming. He also guides in Southern Iowa and Northern Missouri with J&S Trophy Hunts during the rut. Over the years working as a guide, he has met many of the industry professionals and began filming 5 years ago.

Filming has literally led him around the world on various hunting adventures since then. He also produces and edits outdoor video and was the Executive Producer of this past years Ironman Bowfishing on Sportsmans Channel. While his primary passion is archery whitetails, he loves pursuing elk, antelope, mule deer, bear, and pretty much any critter that can legally be chased, especially with a bow.